Xplore TV is a brand new production company based around the Outdoors and exploration. Formed in December 2016 by two families that love the outdoors, the Hehir’s and the Buttery’s wanted to spread the wonder of nature and show what it has to offer families. So the story begins here.


Our intentions are to produce factual based programs that will appeal to families wanting to connect with nature and each other. In this age where many countries are talking about children’s lack of contact with Nature we hope to inspire not only the children but also the parents to get out and explore.

Filming for the show commences in May this year and leading up you can watch Xplore TV News that could feature you. We want to know whats hapening in your neck of the woods so we can spread the word or is there a project that you are looking at in the not too distant future again we want to know.



Camotag is an action packed adrenaline fuelled sport that is only heightened by the fact that you are stalking your opponent through woodland but remember they are also stalking you.

The Barn Guest House and Tea Room in Hutton Le Hole

A family run establishment, situated immediately next door to the well-known Ryedale Folk Museum, in the picturesque village of Hutton-le-Hole in the North Yorkshire Moors National

Park. The Barn Guest House & Tea Rooms have earned an enviable reputation for excellent accommodation and as a charming place to stop for something tasty to eat.

Pesky Husky


A family-run business with over 30 years of experience of the breed, Pesky Husky was set up in 2007, when our aims were to provide a centre where people could learn about the amazing qualities of the oldest breed on the planet, and how they are simply like no other dog. We also aim to provide a loving home for our dogs throughout their whole lives (having rescued over half of our pack from unsuitable homes), by giving them the opportunity to do what Huskies are supposed to do - run!


Paul Dore Leather goods

Hi, my name is Paul. I am a Furniture maker by trade but over the years I have made all kinds of things from all different materials. I am a Bushcrafter at heart and have been for over 20 years. Many of the items I sell are variations of items I use myself when spending time out in the countryside walking, camping and foraging or crafting beautiful objects such as wooden spoons (which i also sell). I left my job in 2014 to pursue a simpler way of life and spend more time doing the things i love - the results of which you can see on display in my shop. I also make bespoke items to customers specifications, if there is anything you would like making please feel free to contact me and i will do my best to grant your wishes. Thanks for looking. Paul.

Spirited Adventure

Everyone craves some sort of wild experience, whether it’s an easy stroll through the countryside and coast or something a little more focused and skilled like long-term survival and self-sufficiency training.

Anyone who has ever spent any time around an open wood fire, watching the orange and blue licking flames, feeling the heat, cooking with it or just simply chucking another log in it, will agree that the experience is truly inspiring.

Those of us living urban lives have removed ourselves from nature, and subconciously we crave to reconnect with it. Spending time in the outdoors - feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces, the scent of flowers in our nostrils, the thrill of an awesome sunrise or sunset, can give even the most tired of souls a boost. The sense of tranquility time spent in nature can bestow on us lasts long after we have returned to the hustle and bustle of our normal lives.

Our aim at Spirited Adventure is to strengthen mind, body & soul through experiencing the great outdoors. The courses are designed to inform and excite you, in a fun and entertaining way.

Meet us in nature


Visit our woodland venue's and learn a multitude of new skills such as firelighting with a flint and steel, cordage from tree bark and shelter building, you could even get the chance to make some anceint tools from flint. Whichever skills that you decide to try you will leave us filled with confidence.